VanHoek Software


We develop plugins for Xojo ( and provide these plugins in rbx and xojo_plugin flavors. The xojo_plugin flavor only runs in Xojo, whereas the rbx flavor can run in Xojo, as well as in REAL Studio.

LexingControl Plugin” is a text editor that is able to colorize text according to the rules of programming syntax, such as C/C++, RBScript, PHP, SQL, HTML, and so on. Version 3.5 supports the Windows (7 and up) and Mac OSX (10.7 and up) platforms.  Note that this Editor is not a replacement for WordGuise. The lexing plugin does not do justification, nor does it provide style runs, or embedding of pictures. It is just a different beast. This plugin also comes with a sample project “XojoScriptEditor”, with syntax coloring, compiler errors within the script source.

Scripts plugin is a versatile tool that supports interactive scripting with XojoScript and BasicScript. BasicScript is different from XojoScript, it is a dynamic typed flavor of Basic. A Threadsafe class runs either of these languages while providing utilities to access the GUI.

WordGuise is a text-formatting editor, can parse and read rtf files, displays images in text, while these images can be tagged too. The targets for Windows and Carbon support a ruler widget, which is not available for the cocoa target.

P2PNetwork provides a robust network for peer-to-peer communication across the internet.

New Releases:

April 3, 2019 

                    Scripts Plugin 3.1 

Mac, Windows

March 25, 2019:   

                    XSClasses Plugin 1.0 


February 8, 2021:

                 Lexing Control 4.1.2

Syntax coloring text editor

Mac-Intel, Mac-M1, Windows

March 7, 2013:  

                  Wordguise 5.5.3

Formatting Editor

Cocoa, Carbon, Windows

September 30, 2012:   

                  P2PNetwork 1.0.2

Peer-to-peer networking

Cocoa, Carbon, Windows